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ABOUT Tangi Community Development


Purpose: of Tangi Community Development is to serve the needs of the community through
affordable rentals, rehab, and homeownership initiatives.

Mission: of the Corporation is to create vibrant, stables, and sustainable affordable housing
communities that promote education and financial stability to improve the economic needs of
the community and the lives of families, seniors, veterans, and individuals with special needs.

Vision: We believe that affordable housing and community outreach programs improve the
economic status of residents, transform neighborhoods, stabilize lives, and improve overall
community economic development.

Values: The values that serve as the principle guiding force of Tangi Community Development
Corp are integrity, teamwork, partnership, trustworthy, competence, community, reliability,
accountability, and the commitment to success. We work with community leaders, residents,
and partner with other nonprofits to foster a sense of partnership to maintain our continued
commitment to being a successful CHDO. In addition, our commitment ensures we have
accountability and ethically abide by the CHDO rules and regulations.

Target Audience: Our affordable housing target audience consists of low to moderate income
families at or below 80% AMI, the elderly, individuals with special needs and disabilities, as well
as veterans.

Who We Serve: Our organization serves as a certified community housing development
organization (CHDO) in Tangipahoa Parish, St. Helena Parish, and Livingston Parish.

Kotrina Bryant - Chief Executive Officer
Jessica Chrystal – Policy & Compliance Director
Ladashea Muse – Bookkeeper

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