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Our Housing Initiatives

Rehab & Revitalization

In addition to new construction and various other initiatives, we also pride ourselves in a rehabbing and revitalizing existing structures. Our organization also rehabs existing structures for both affordable rental and home ownership. Sometimes it takes making something old new again to change the outlook of the neighborhood. 

Ratcliff Way

The Ratcliff Way project will be located in Roseland, LA. Reuben Brown Estates is one the oldest estates, located in Roseland, Louisiana adjacent to Buchanan Lane. The area was once a vibrant community established in 1865.

The Ratcliff Way Development will consist of six (6) 2-bedroom 2-bathroom and six (6) 3-bedroom 2-bathroom multi-family detached units. The multi-family detached units will be built using Green Standards; all units will be equipped with energy efficient appliances, washers, dryers, dishwashers, central heating/cooling, and on-site security surveillance to ensure resident safety at all times.

Units will be reserved for households at 80% or below  AMI. In addition, future residents of Ratcliff Way will be afforded various amenities to promote a better standard of living.

Affordable Homeownership

Tangi Community Development not only specializes in affordable rental options, but we help families transition from renting to home ownership. Our homeownership initiative is designed for families at or below 80% AMI. We take pride in assisting families in understanding homeownership is an option through homebuyer workshops and HUD certified housing counseling. For more information on our homeownership initiative please email 

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